Available until Jan 23rd*

Class Starts February 24 – 26th

Finally ready to make moves and break into real state development?
You’re one step away from acquiring the success blueprint.

3-day on-site bootcamp designed to give investors and real estate professionals
the tools needed to begin their journey as a developer.

Sound Familiar?  Are You…

Afraid to make the leap into 7-figure renovations?

Not even sure if people can afford the price for the home?

Feeling like it’s too costly to develop?

Scared to make an expensive mistake?

It’s time to maximize your returns so you can create the portfolio of your dreams without all the hassle.


Through this course you will get practical steps to find and start your development project.

Day 1 - Basis of Pre Development & Development

It all starts with an idea, but you have to put it out into a Master Site Plan. Our design phase covers insights into everything you need to bring your vision to life. From architecture to permitting, we help you understand everything you need through the permitting process.

Day 2 - Budgeting & The Build

Our process is simple, although construction at times can be complex. In our course, we layout the team of experts you need to align with along with how to deploy that team for optimal success.

Day 3 - Creative Exit Strategies

 There are several creative exit strategies we discuss, so that you are set up to maximize your returns based on your investment outcomes.

**Classes are kept intentionally small to allow us to answer all your questions in depth

What’s Included? Great Question!

We provide an interactive workbook with the scope of work, project plan, contractor contracts, and other essentials to the development process.

After this course you will…

Feel confident moving forward with your investment projects

Understand how to maximize profits through creative exit strategies

Have the right systems in place to for success

Scale your real estate business beyond 6 figures



Available until Jan 23rd*


Reg. Price $5,000

*Note: You must be paid in full prior to the start of the course.


 Jessica and Patrick are truly inspiring. Seeing the impact they are making in the community, how they are breaking barriers, and creating a space where others can eat too, says a lot about who they are. Getting into real estate has always been one of my goals. After moving to Atlanta to pursue becoming a real estate investor both of them have been a trusted resource and guide. If you are interested in getting into Real estate development or even growing your portfolio they are your people!

– Felicia B.


Jessica and Patrick you have been a tremendous support system. You both have been a wealth of knowledge as it relates to real estate and development.  I have to say you have been a key player in my current success over this time. You motivate and continue to inspire me. Not only are you building modern builds but you are educating people along the way. Thank you! 

– Monique W.

Patrick Henderson is a Managing Partner and Founder of plh Homes, LLC. Incorporating his vast years of experience developing multi and single-family homes, and as a business consultant coupled with his passion for real estate, Henderson announced plh Homes, a Luxury Modern Home development Company. His motto is to design with the end in mind, and he takes that approach into all of his projects.


Jessica Myers is a real estate developer and entrepreneur. Starting out as a wholesaler in 2015, Jessica scaled her real-estate business into hotel ownership To date, she’s developed and transacted more than $15M in real estate. Throughout all of her work, she’s most passionate about teaching ground floor principles in real estate to build a family legacy. She coined the mantra “You know you got it, Let’s get it, Let’s go” 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this geared towards?
Do I have to have real estate experience?
Is this an in-person experience?
Do you have payment plans?
How many hours a day should I allocate for this?

Usually, our Bootcamp occurs on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. See below our typical schedule for each day.

  • Thursday – 10:00 a – 3:00 p
  • Friday – 10:00 a – 3:00 p
  • Saturday – 12:00 p – 3:00 p
What is your refund policy?

More Details on The Masterclass Experience…


Scale faster with less stress by getting started below.


Available until Jan 23rd*


Reg. Price $5,000

*Note: You must be paid in full prior to the start of the course.

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